Hello, I am Kristīne Bumbule one of the founders of SIA ADDIPA style. In 2021, we founded SIA together with my husband Māris and we are both together as a team. I am an artist, a creative soul, my husband,  a technical person and very logical and practical.

How did it happen?

In my youth I studied and got diplomas as a seamstress, embroiderer, and machine seamstress. I have liked and still like to sew and embroider, but after the birth of my son, I also became passionate about making jewelry from various materials. I attended courses, learned new techniques. It took a lot of hours to make a mistake and try again. Admittedly, it still takes a lot of time to create something new, experiment, make mistakes and start over. It is an exciting process that leads step by step to new and exciting jewelry. For about 10 years I have been making various jewelry and selling it to relatives, friends, and strangers at crafts fairs.

As we know, in the last year and a half from the spring of 2020, due to the extensive Covid19 pandemic, there has been no craft fairs. It made me think about what I do and where I see myself next. Who I want to be and what I want to do? I realized that handicrafts are and will be something that fascinates me. My husband and I started looking for opportunities. This led to one course in business management, then another course where I learned digital tools. I started to realize that I could build an online store. However, we still weren't sure how we could get customers and how anyone would find out about our store? An important point here was the courses that the husband began to learn. And these were digital marketing courses, where the knowledge gained gave me more and more confidence that everything is possible. So, my husband continued his studies in two parallel marketing courses, this is how we started an online store.

What is "ADDIPA"?

Creating an online store requires a name, but how to think of one? Every name that came to mind could already be found on the Internet. It took several days but we could not think of one. Then my husband suggested the idea that the whole family (me, husband, and son) could sit down and generate ideas together using the "Brainstorming" technique.

After an hour, we still didn’t have a specific name, but so many different ideas appeared, as different word combinations, parts of words, both beginnings and endings, were combined. Until we got to what will be our store name. We started listing what could be traded. The list begins to form. Ornaments, embroidery, knitting, crocheting and other similar handicrafts, as well as raw materials and tools for these works. This list did not really work either, but it took us further.

So, what do all these activities have in common? To make all these different handicrafts requires three basic things:

  • needle
  • thread 
  • patience

Bingo! Here's the key! Let's take the first two letters of each word - AD from needle (adata in Latvian), DI from thread (diegs in Latvian) and PA from patience (pacietība in Latvian) and get ADDIPA. This was followed by an examination of the vastness of the Internet. No such companies or brands!

This gave rise to the brand and company name "ADDIPA style".


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